Death Mode

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Punk, Hardcore, Hip Hop, New Wave, EBM and somehow everything that makes noise and is different. In 1993, the techno scene had long since outgrown the underground and had moved from Berlin, of course into the countryside. Fascinated by the flair, the energy and the endless longing of noise and being “Lost in Music”, it all changed significantly.

A lot of heart and passion was not only put into the still growing vinyl collection, but also the love for music demanded conscious sacrifices. But mixing music for others is exactly that. Until today. Until now. Always.

In the past from a classic insider tip in Berlin and Brandenburg to a DJ of the 3rd generation and old legend. Ronny Gee have been a DJ, organizer and music producer for almost 30 years. As co-founder of Sound of Eastside, style-defining a whole region in East Brandenburg.

With Death Mode exactly that is taken up again, which unites the initial passion and love for music for him. Creating contrasts and simply creating dirty, hypnotic and machine-like sound. The fascination still lives on today and forever. Death Mode is much clearer and more perfect than before.